About Us

Left to right: Sebastian, Carlotta, Giulia and Martina

Who we are

Left to right: Sebastian, Carlotta, Giulia and Martina

We're a group of young locals and "adopted locals" with a shared passion for discovering the hidden, wonderful and immersive experiences Val d'Orcia has to offer.

Brunello di Montalcino binds us together as each of us moved to Montalcino to work with wine, both making the wine itself, like Sebastian the enologist, and selling and marketing it, like Carlotta, Giulia and Martina.

Each founder has a unique passion and area of interest, which allowed us to sit around a table and share the knowledge and ideas we all possess, brining Discover Montalcino & Val d'Orcia to life.

We're avid travellers, passionate drinkers and all around "buone forchette" who share a great love for this wonderful land and wish to see it valorised and discovered.

Our philosophy

We've taken great care in selecting the best and most representative places, restaurants, wineries and stays in Val d’Orcia.

Each individual featured on the PEOPLE section was chosen in merit of the significant impact, however wide or small scale it may be, they have had and are having in Val d'Orcia. People that make a difference and give back to their home, regardless of whether they are Tuscan natives or not.

Through Discover Montalcino & Val d'Orcia you can plan your travels and create an itinerary based upon the tips and recommendations of people who live and breathe the area every day.

Our passion for wine extends into our free time, which we spend a large portion of visiting other producers in Montalcino and beyond. We have personally visited and experienced every winery we recommend in our customised itineraries, as well as having eaten in or stayed at every restaurant and property we suggest.

Reach out to us!

We love to heard from you. What you enjoyed, what you didn’t and what you wish we had included in our Val d'Orcia itineraries and travel tips.

We can help you customize your own wine itinerary, tailored to your preferences and desires by our team of Brunello di Montalcino experts.

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